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About Kriya Meditation

We all need to find an antidote to the frenzy in which the world lives. However, many are not ready to adopt beliefs and practices that are culturally foreign to us. The meditation that is taught with Gabriella does not go toward some external thing. On the contrary, we direct ourselves toward our core, our own minds. The practice demands nothing more than this return to the Self.

To know, to observe, and to calm ourselves, we don’t have to take recourse in any belief whatsoever. Everything is born of the mind and returns there. We are image and reflection at the same time. By observing the mind we will find there all that we have lost to the external world: peace, tranquility, the strength to act without being subject to filters or limitations that we have accepted or created, the power to fully communicate with life.

The means for knowing our minds are meditation and the practice of full consciousness. Meditation is very simple. There are no supports, no visualizations, no complicated mantras, and no images concerning posture. You sit or lay on a comfortable way with or without a chair. You calm down. You breathe and you observe. Ideas run by very quickly. You do nothing to slow down the relentless rhythm. You simply take note of the degree to which the mind is racing out of control. For many, it already comes as a huge surprise to see that we can be conscious of this incessant bombardment. Little by little, after three or four meditation sessions, the calm, the fact that we are there waiting for nothing, not competing, without a single goal except to be open, to breathe, to feel, brings about in us a strong sense of well-being. The sessions last 45 minutes.

Following that, we chat and have questions and answers and express our viewpoints. In order for the practice to change our way of living and perceiving the world, it’s important to make an effort and compel our selves to meditate each day. Very quickly, the pleasure and the calm that come over us will make it so we don’t need to force ourselves, then meditation becomes a source of pleasure.

Deep well being restores the potential of our active and emotional life and the quality of our relationships with others.