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About Kundalini Awakening

The awakening of kundalini allows a great shift in the perception of the world. It transports a person into another plane of being. No matter what spiritual path one follows the ultimate achievement is to reach this domain. Ordinary consciousness and transcendental consciousness cannot be maintained at the same time. It is necessary to pass through an intermediate zone of change where perceptions, feelings and experiences undergo a transformation. The adventure is always the same; it is a journey through the border region between the known and the unknown. Kundalini Awakening is a physiopsychospiritual process.

Everybody needs to know something about kundalini as it represents the next evolutionary step in the consciousness of mankind. Our present consciousness is not independent, as the mind depends on information supplied by the senses. If one has no eyes one cannot see, if one has no ears one cannot hear, however when kundalini awakens and the superconscious emerges and one’s experience becomes completely independent and knowledge also becomes completely independent of the senses. It becomes silent knowledge.

In the Vedic traditon kundalini is the name of a sleeping dormant potential force in the human being. In Sanskrit, kundal means a coil and thus kundalini has been described as “that which is coiled”. Kunda in Sanskrit means “ a deeper place, pit or cavity”. In the Christian tradition the terms “the path of the initiates” and “the stairway to heaven” refer to this awakening. In the African Healing Tradition it is referred to "the sickness of calling or the call of the Ancestors." 

To awaken kundalini purposefully one must prepare through various techniques. Yoga postures, breath and meditation are some of the ways of preparation that one can practice in order to have a comfortable process of awakening. This awakening can happen spontaneously or gradually. With the awakening of kundalini there is an energy that moves up the spine and into the brain and this energy excites the sleeping and dormant areas. Therefore kundalini rising can be associated with the waking up of the silent areas of the brain.

Most commonly, kundalini at rest or dormant is illustrated as a sleeping serpent coiled three and a half times. Of course there is no serpent residing in the base of the spine. The serpent is an ancient symbol deeply embedded in our collective psyche that represents unconsciousness.

In Scandinavian, European, Latin America, Middle Eastern, Asian and African countries the concept of the serpent power is represented in monuments and ancient artifacts. People have known about kundalini in all parts of the world. In all the oldest mystic cults of the world you will find the serpent. In the 21st Century we can perceive of kundalini in any manner we like because actually, energy has no form or dimension, it is infinite.

There are many people who have awakened their kundalini, not only saints and sadhus, but poets, artists, warriors, writers and scientists. When the energy of kundalini is activated visions of God can take place and there is a drawing of creative intelligence and supernatural abilities that begin to be experienced. Kundalini rising is creative energy. It is the same energy that is expressed when someone composes or plays beautiful music. It is the same energy, which is expressed in all parts of life, whether it is building a business, fulfilling the family duties, creating a child or reaching any goal you aspire toward. These are all expressions of the same creative energy.

When kundalini rises, the physical body actually undergoes many changes. Generally they are positive, but if you do not have a guide they can also be negative. The cells in the body are completely charged and a process of rejuvenation also starts. The voice changes, the smell of the body changes and the hormonal secretions change. The DNA strands become fully activated and enlivened.

Methods of Awakening

1. Awakening by birth-If the parents were highly evolved, one can have an awakened kundalini.  This means that from the time of birth  higher faculties will be operating either partially or fully. If a child comes with partial awakening he/she may be called a saint, and if he/she comes with full illumination, he/she is know as an incarnation, avatara or son/daughter of God.
2. Sound-One can have an awakening of kundalini through the steady regular practice of the use of specific sounds or mantras or nada yoga. This is an effective smooth method of evolving. This requires time an practice.
3. Austerities and purification-Through this way of processing the mind, the emotions and the whole personality are cleansed of all the dirt, complexes and the patterns of behavior that cause pain and suffering. This way of awakening kundalini builds personal will and needs to be done under guidance and supervision  from an experienced teacher. This is a difficult path to step upon.
4. Herbs-This does not mean drugs. This method of awakening is very sacred and very few people know about it. It is rapid and should never be approached without a qualified guide. It can also be dangerous if the specific dosages are not followed.
5. Yoga-The awakening through specific intention of yoga occurs by a specific process of concentration, meditation and communion; the union of individaul consiousness with the absolute or supreme.
6. Breath-This way of awakening kundalini needs preparation in a calm, cool and quiet environment, preferably at a high altitude, with a diet only sufficient to support life. This method can be explosive and it increases the life force and heat in the body.
7. Tantra Kriya Yoga-This is a simple methodic way and practical way of awakening. This is the best method for modern western man and householders. This also requires a guide or teacher.
8. Performed by a Teacher or Guru-This method is called Shaktipat. Shaktipat is perfromed by a Guru and the awakening is instant. It is not permanent or intergrated. It gives the aspirant a temporary experience.
9. Self-surrender-This way of awakening is allowing the awakening to happen naturally. Let nature do it. Evolution takes place whether we participate or not.
10.Spontaneous Awakening-This type of awakening is beginning to be experienced more often in the 21st Century among all people. Symptoms occur dissappear and then reoccur. If the person is not aware what is happening they can be hospitalized and medicated. It is important they seek appropriate guidance as soon as they feel something is happening that not be determined.

Many individuals who experience the awakening of kundalini behave in  peculiar ways; they think in a different style or pattern. They may see auras and visions, feel strange in the body, suffer from body aches and pain in the spine and head, hear strange sounds, become emotional with mood swings and talk about things which seem to be all sorts of nonsense. The actions and words of people who are undergoing kundalini awakening appear  nonsensical, deviant and oftentimes mad to the person of  ordinary consciousness.

Mystics throughout the ages have been persecuted for their experiences, which to the normal mundane consciousness are insanity. Socrates was poisoned because he did not behave normally. Joan of Arc and the witches of Salem were burned at the stake as were many others. Jesus was crucified because his teachings were not understood. Al-Hallaj, the Sufi saint, was skinned alive because he spoke the truth without fear of the society. All have been persecuted and harassed by the mundane populace for theirs visions, and words that arose as a result of inner work. Due to this lack of understanding, many of the esoteric doctrines became hidden from the majority of people.

Of course this was long ago. We now live in more enlightened times or do we? People who are shown to be out of the norm relative to society are locked up or medicated until they are better. How is it determined when one has mental illness or when one is having a spiritual awakening? Some people in the western world are locked up as mentally ill would be recognized in the eastern world as undergoing a higher spiritual experience. We are only now beginning to be able to differentiate between the broken, insane mind and the opening of an enlightened mind.

Many people have heard of kundalini rising, but fewer have ever discussed the descent. When the descent of kundalini occurs, it means that the mental plane of the human being is no longer influenced by the ordinary mind, the supermind takes over. This higher form of consciousness rules the body, mind and senses and directs one's life, thoughts and emotions. When kundalini descends one comes down to the gross plane with a totally transformed consciouness. Life becomes a non-event. One associates with everybody and discharging one's worldly obligations just like people of ordinary consciousness. However, one is no longer involved  but detached. Life becomes very simple. The old adage "be in the world but not of it" applies here.
One is then able to understand pain and all the mundane affairs of life including duality, multiplicity and diversity- the whole drama or play. One becomes self realized.