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StressAce Yoga
Natural Stress Control

StressAce Yoga is a specialized yoga for releasing pain and stress from the nervous system and building resilience and immunity towards future stress.

StressAce Yoga is based on research and studies in such fields as neuro-science psycho-physiology, emotional reprocessing, sensory integration, developmental psychology and others.

Through breath, sound, movement and postures based on early primary reflexes, you leave this three hour workshop with a renewed sense of well being and focus. You also receive the benefit of tools that will provide maintenance for this state of stability
that can be practiced at home.


Beginners Welcome
If you have wanted to learn yoga, but did not feel it was for you
StressAce Yoga will change your mind.
It does  not matter the  physical, mental or emotional

condition  that you find yourself.
Allow yourself the gift of unwinding, gaining inner stability and opening the possibilities for your life.

Group Yoga and Meditation Classes
$20.00 per class pp
Series of 6 Classes if paid in advance $87.00
expires in 6 months from purchase date

Bring a friend get a free class
Classes are kept small for personal attention and building community

StressAce Yoga 
Natural Stress Control

Scheduled Sessions
at your
East Memphis
reservations required

Beginning March 20, 2015

reservations required

6:00 pm- 7:15 pm
Benefits of Practicing
StressAce Yoga 
East Memphis

Unexplained bouts of Joy
Better physical states of being
Better mental states of being
An expanded sense of awareness, clarity and creativity
Increased amounts of energy
A luminous glow that has others asking
Your birthright-Happiness 
A balanced inner and outer life
Stronger sense of purpose
Remaining Centered and Focused
Release chronic Pain
Better Flexibility
Release Lower Back Pain
Calm the Internal Mind Chatter
A Growing Inner Stability


StressAce Yoga 
The BodyClock Harmoniser
"energizes you in the mornings,
balances you throughout your day,
and relaxes in the evening for a peaceful nights sleep"

reservations required

11:45 am- 1:00 pm
East Memphis

StressAce Yoga Trainings

 Prerequisite 200 hr. minimum
 Certified Yoga Teacher

Become a Educator of Teachers
Licensed and Certified
StressAce Yoga

50 hour StressAce Yoga Training
Certified Yoga Teachers

Free Preview Available
The Discovery Process
One day Workshop
2 pm-5 pm

Level 1
12 hrs.
Theory, Research and Foundation
Self Study
Downloads on-line

Level 2
18 hrs.
Dynamic BodySelf

Hands on Intensive
Classroom and Practice

Level 3
20 hrs.
Let's Begin with the Body
Hands on Intensive Practicum
Teaching and Observing
must be completed within 6 months from start date
for Certification and License to Teach
StressAce Yoga Educators

  Become Licensed and Certified Educator
 StressAce Yoga Natural Stress Control

The Discovery Process Preview
Hands on Practicum Intensives

affordable prices to work at your own pace

Register on-line and get started
receive  DVD, audio, skype support and webinars
Book and Workbook available at

How the Mind Heals Itself

Founder of StressAce
 Co-Founder of StressAce Yoga  Anca Ramsden

The Yoga of Natural Stress Control
Co-Founders of StressAce Yoga
Ella MacDonald and Anca Ramsden

If you are interested in auditing the classes without certification or license please contact us directly

Self Mastery

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